Malta wasn’t ready for us!

Malta, that little island that everyone was talking about, ended up being the destination for our first sister’s trip! What did we expect? Food, sun beach, and some wandering through the cities. What did we get? A lot of tourists, rain, not a lot of sunbathing, waiting for the up-an-off bus but we also took many pictures of us being sisters, laughing, sharing a bathroom and clothes! You know, what sisters usually do!

We stayed at Saint Paul’s Bay in a little apartment hotel. We even got upgraded – we got a tiny balcony-. So you can imagine how excited we were to start our trip. I’m not going to lie though, we were mainly excited to get a tan and enjoy the beach! But we didn’t choose the right bay for this. Saint Paul’s Bay is a little harbor town, so not a beach to lay down and enjoy the sun and the sea but it didn’t stop us. We decided to visit the Island instead!

Nor Christina nor myself were allowed to hire a rental car at the time, so we traveled throughout the Island by bus. Only, Malta looks small, but going from one city to another was taking longer than we thought. So we had to choose where to go and we only had 4 days. We ended up going to Marsaxlokk, a little fishermen village, with a lot of cute colorful boats, markets, and nice food. We also went to the Blue Grotto, but because we were on those tourist buses, we didn’t have time to visit the cave. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the nice view and took pictures and ate delicious ice cream!

We wanted to enjoy the sun and the beach so we were looking forward to visiting famous Gozo and Comino Island. We heard so much about how turquoise the water was and the beach and just being a nice place to do nothing. We booked a boat trip to the island hoping for the best. We woke up very excited, to see that it was a very cloudy day. But like they say, hope is the last thing you lose, so we were convinced we would still have a hot sunny day ahead! It ended up being true. The blue lagoon was indeed very turquoise, but there were so many people on Gozo island, which was disappointing and we only had 2 hours to enjoy it and make the best of it. The rest of the day we decided to visit Comino, very hot with a big fort and a cute little church.

The day we went to Valletta, we ran for our bus in the pouring rain! Hopefully, it didn’t last long and it ended up being a nice sunny day. We wandered all day long in the city, through the cute little streets, visited the naval museum, markets, churches, did a cute boat drive, visited cute little gardens with a view on the harbor.
I would love to go back to see the North-West of the Island. A mix of British and Mediterranean culture, food, and architecture. But this time I would rent a car!

Even though it wasn’t what we expected, we enjoyed our time and it was a successful first trip with my beautiful sisters! We laughed so much and I think the pictures show exactly our state of mind during that trip. I can’t wait for the next one!



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