Relaxing in south of Portugal

After a complicated month of September and spending the summer working it was time for me to take some time off. The purpose: do nothing but rest, read, sun and beach. With Covid, the option were limited but we ended in South of Portugal, the Algarve region, to enjoy the last week of summer.

My plan wasn’t to travel through the region, but to really enjoy the beautiful beaches. An all-inclusive at the beach, with good food, activities (in case I get bored), and a wellness center, was calling my name and probably THE BEST idea of 2020.

We weren’t totally lucky with the weather though. Even though the temperatures were fine, there was a lot of wind and a lot of cloudy days. It didn’t stop me to enjoy my stay. The boat trip along the Algarve coastline was very nice, despite the wind and not being able to swim in the sea. The view was worth it and the glass of cava was nothing to complain about.

We were hoping to do some kayaking, without a guide. But because the high season was over and because of covid, nothing was available. We walked to Albufeira, to see what we could find, but no luck.

I also appreciated the walks we did at the beach, finding caves created by erosion and just taking the camera to lock the memory in time. I was lucky to have my favorite person with me because he let me use him as a model. I definitely need to practice more!

And can we please take a moment to talk about the food! I mean, I heard a lot about the club Med’s in general, but never really about the food. We were not disappointed! The meet, the vegetables, everything was so good and nicely presented. We like to eat with our eyes. So we like a nice, artistic presentation. The open bar was a plus!

I was clearly in need of a week off, with no phone and no stress. My body felt so much better. I still felt swollen but the 2 massages helped me reconnect with my body. During the first massage, the woman gently massaged my belly. I told her that I felt that my organs were still trying to find back their place since the surgery and it made me feel uncomfortable. It certainly did something. I know that it was probably in my head, but if I learned something, is that I know my body and when I feel something weird it’s probably because something is happening. Tip: always listen to your body!

It wasn’t the first time I do such a holiday, but it’s the first time I felt relaxed and that I wasn’t bored. I’ll try to do this once a year if covid lets us travel again of course.

Time to go back to reality!



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