Home Sweet Home

1 year of feeling like myself, 1 year of healing, 1 year of self-love, 1 year of doing the hell I want to do! That’s exactly how I can describe the first year in my cute apartment.

I remember when I found the apartment. I had seen so many already that didn’t convince me or they were rented before I even got the chance to visit them. Not that I wasn’t happy to be back at my parents place, but my old room wasn’t mine anymore and we had less space in the house and I wanted my own room. Then that year a cousin came from el Salvador to visit, so I just wanted him to feel more comfortable. I had to find a new place and fast.

I got to a point where I was making appointments for all the apartments that would fit in my budget. That’s how I got to visit my beautiful apartment. On the pictures it wasn’t apealing but besides the balcony, it had everything I wanted and even bigger than with I could afford for a place in Brussels. Even with all of this I wasn’t convinced this was going to be the place.

On the day of the visit, I arrived late to the appointment, because of heavy traffic and rain, but the lady was so nice and waited for me to arrive. The house from the outside was clean and looked like it had been renovated. It is a building of 3 apartments and once you go inside, everything was so clean and white with carpet everywhere. Very homey. Once I got inside the place that was on the last floor I immediately fell in love with the place. Even though it was pouring rain, the apartment was so bright, a little hallway with a big closet, a big kitchen, such a cute bathroom, cute little room, but the living room was probably my favorite, it was big and bright and had the perfect spot for my piano! I looked at the real estate lady, and I told her I want it. Even my mum that was with me, told me, yes this is the place.

Unfortunately, I was the 3rd person to visit and there was still another person that had a visit planned. I had to wait 3 days for the woman to call me back. When she finally called I thought it was to tell me that she gave it to someone else. With the bad luck I was having, that’s what I was prepared to hear. Well, I was wrong. She told me she liked me and that she didn’t even gave the landlord the other applications. I was so damn happy!

After a year, I thought I should document this. Not because I think I have the perfect apartment, but it’s perfect to me and I was mostly able to get what I wanted. Compared to my first apartment, where I bought everything in one go, where I was less patient and took less time to decide what I wanted. This time around I took the time and even did things myself, which I always wanted to do but never took the time to do them. It was also easier to pay attention to waste and try to avoid single-use items.

I had so much fun decorating my new place. The mood I decided to go with was, open and free. Open bookshelf, open wardrobe, avoid storage furniture! Lots of plants and try to keep that feeling of space. That type of furniture helps me keep everything neat and tidy, which I love. Also I decided to hang more things on the wall. Which helped to fill the place as it has high ceilings. Now because the walls have that warm-toned paint, it still gives the apartment a very homey, cozy feeling. So now looking back i’m not sure I managed to do what I envisioned, nevertheless I feel so happy in this place. I feel inspired, free and safe!That’s all you want to be able to call a place Home.

Funny story though. The first thing I put in my new apartment was a Christmas tree! Priorities, right? I got it in the car alone, managed to get it to the third floor without an elevator and got it in the tree holder without any help. I felt invincible. It did end up a bit crooked, but in life nothing is always straight so I thought i’ll just leave it like that. Ok, truth is, I was too tired to start over. #oops

With all of this said, here are some pictures:




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