It doesn’t feel like it, but just like that I reached the thirties. I wouldn’t say that I couldn’t wait to turn thirties, nonetheless, I did feel like I was reaching a turning point in my life. A positive one.  I feel like the best things are yet to come and I feel so grateful to be where I am today.

Some would say that it’s just a number, that you can turn your life at any point and it’s true. But I’m the type of woman that will wait for a Monday, the 1st of the month or an important date to start something new. Whatever it might be. Probably that OCD part of me, that need for everything to be structured.

So instead of reminiscing the past I decided that I would only look forward. I have so many plans that I would like to accomplish and today I feel the right vibes to believe in them.

To start this turning point, I decided a couple of months ago that I would do what I want, instead of doing what I thought people would want me to do on this special day. You would be surprised by the pressure you put on yourself when you think like that… unnecessary pressure. I thought about the things I love the most: Family, Friends, brunch, music dancing, and food. That’s what I did and I loved every moment of it!

  • Friday: Nicky Jam concert with my sisters and cousin
  • Saturday: Brunch with the family including a Piñata. A chaotic start at the restaurant due to the Gay Pride but we managed to order pizzas and get a lot of free bottles of Cava and of course lots and lots of dancing!
  • Sunday: I couldn’t be irresponsible so I went to give class, but I joined some friends for brunch, we went to get waffles and walked and ended up in my parent’s garden enjoying the sun, and the music of the neighbors, and the hamacs!

I never felt so lucky and grateful for being surrounded by so many amazing people that give me so much happiness.

Can’t wait to see what my life has in store for me. I am so ready to start this new decade filled of love, friends, family, new adventures, and challenges.



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